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Welcome to the 5Ks Chalet


We are thrilled that you chose our home for your vacation and it is our desire that you have a memorable and special experience here at the river. We love to watch the river as it changes throughout the day and to watch the sunset across the water and hillside. We hope that you enjoy the property as much as we do. 

We started coming to Rhinelander in 2009 to visit friends and loved our time Up North. So when we began our search for our on-water vacation home, the Rhinelander area was our first choice.

The Kojis Family all smile at look at the camera.

From Left to Right: Dave, Jazz, Ben, Ken, Darin, Sarah

We are the 5Ks

Our family loves being on the water, in the water, and being active in the great outdoors.

  • Darin works as a Manager in the IT world during the day and he enjoys cooking and his passion hobby is smoking meats for his family and friends.

  • Sarah works at a church in Wauwatosa as the Office Administrator. She worked for a hospitality company at the Miller Park (American Family) baseball park for over 8 years.

  • Benjamin works as an Architecture Draftsman who likes to draw, create with Legos, and play board games with friends.

  • Kenneth enjoys creating positive digital content for his own YouTube channel and is attending college soon.

  • Dave and Jazz live in Indianapolis where Dave is a graphic designer and Jazz is an editor and writer. In their free time, they play and write tabletop roleplaying games (ttrpgs) like their original game system, Ready Set Bake. You can follow them on Twitter @sunkenrust. They dote on their 16-year-old Siamese cat, Sapphire, who Jazz, Benjamin, and Kenneth raised from a kitten.

Sapphire has strictly abided by the No Pets policy at the Chalet so this photo is from her home base in Indiana.

A brown and cream Siamese cat curls up into a circle on a cream outdoor chair.
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